The 2017 Main Race Team


tundra500The oldest dog on the team, Tundra is the kennel matriarch. She is the origin of the infamous spotted black-and-white dogs of SJK. Tundra is from Iditarod veteran Sonny Lindner and has been a vital part of the kennel growth ever since. On the trail she is smooth and focused!

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puma500The Ice Queen. Puma started her SJK days in wheel position. After a few failed lead dog attempts, we noticed a trend… she was an exceptional leader in less than ideal trail conditions! Throughout the years she finally got the hang of “normal” trails and is a confident leader in any situation. Got wind, ice, trail blown over? Puma’s your girl. Single lead into Nome twice, led 3 teams across the ice in Iditarod 2014. A definite SJK superstar.

Puma is sponsored by: Madison Mahoney
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mask500A small leading lady with a “large and in charge” personality! Mask is without a doubt the alpha bitch in the kennel, quickly correcting anyone who challenges her position. Don’t let her tough image fool you, she’s one of the kennels biggest attention-getters and loves her pets. Her physical and mental attitude make her a one of a kind lead dog.

Mask is sponsored by: Finn & Ryan Matthews
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Pop is fast, smart, and her tank is never empty. She is a sled dog that prefers to perform her job without interruption and is not very social with people…unless she’s familiar with you and then you’re officially BFFs! With her playful attitude and strong work ethic, Pop is a dog you want on your team!

Pop is sponsored by: John Bristol
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sailor500Sailor is a dog of all trades. She is the most “built” of our spotted girls and the only one you’ll ever see in wheel position. Sailor is an easy dog to spot in the team with her short bobbed tail, and her one floppy-one straight ear. She’s a hard working dog on the trail and loves a good butt rub after a job well done!

Sailor is sponsored by: Anonymous
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reebok500-2The “one eyed wheel dog”.

Reebook is the main man, stud of the kennel, powerhouse of the team. His athletic build, never ending determination and big heart make him a kennel favorite! You will most likely see him in the wheel position. Reebok is a dog that will put it all on the line and give it till the end.

Reebok is sponsored by: The Mahoney Family
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lucious500Lucious is a young dog still growing into his spot on the team. He’s strong, smart, with a good attitude. Sometimes his goofy personality gets the best of him and he needs a little redirection. Lucious’ daddy is main kennel stud Reebok and we have hope that he will grow into a solid dog just like his father.

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proof500Proof is a man with a plan. Being a smart and smaller built male, you’ll usually see Proof in lead position. On the trail he’s a happy guy with his tail held high. In the yard, he’s extremely vocal and doesn’t hesitate to let us know when the youngsters are getting out of hand.

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star500The name says it all, a star in the making! This young dog continues to grow and mature into a beautiful competitive race dog. Being a young confident “geehaw” leader, we can’t wait to see how this girl does on the trail this year.

Star is sponsored by: John Bristol
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kelly500Kelly is the definition of major potential, in harness she puts her head in the game and determination takes over. For being a young dog she rarely needs correction, she knows the job and does it right.

Kelly is sponsored by: The Slater Family
Anchorage, Alaska
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With an attitude like her mother Tundra’s, Heart is a big sweetheart. She’s a joy to run, and it is fun watching her grow into her own personality!

Heart is sponsored by: Anonymous donor thankful for Wade and his involvement and support of Jr mushers
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Finished Iditarod 2016 in lead on 2nd team! Mom is SJK star lead dog Puma, will Jett be the one to carry on her legacy?

Jett is sponsored by: Hailey Griffin
Ontario, Canada
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Quiet at home and noisy on the trail! Just like her sister Darby, this girl loves the spotlight on her. A lot of class with just the right amount of sass!

Peanut is sponsored by: Park School
Kaukauna WI
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Finished Iditarod 2016 on 2nd team!

Interested in sponsoring Darby for the entire 2017 race season? $300


Confident in single lead, unbreakable focus and finished Iditarod 2016 on 2nd team!

Ozzy is sponsored by: Victor Haen Elementary School
Kaukauna WI
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Named after one of our favorite families…Perry is a big bundle of fun! Being one of the biggest males in the kennel, he is learning his spot on the team and really growing into his power! Perry is always getting complimented on his handsome appearance and we have to agree!

Perry is sponsored by: Carolsue
Luther, WI
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Male pup out of leader Puma! This big guy has a shy personality but his skills shine on the trail! He was the first pup at 6 months old to fall into the perfect trot and it hasn’t left since. A smooth, long legged, power packed dog!

Cash is sponsored by: Charlie Cole III
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Finished Iditarod 2016 on the 2nd team!

Lucy is sponsored by: Lucy Batchelor
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