2018-2019 Race Team


(Johnny x Sugar)

The Ice Queen. Puma is modest about her undeniable talent. She is quiet, centered, knows her job and does it with ease. Puma has led her team to Nome many times and never backs down from a challenge. Wind? Ice? Blown in trail? Puma is your girl.

Mask is proudly sponsored for 2018-2019 race season by The Mahoney Family! Hannah Mahoney is an SJK-  2017 Jr Iditarod Finisher!


(Tito x Tundra)

Mask is without a doubt the alpha female in the kennel, quickly correcting anyone who challenges her position. Don’t let her tough image fool you, she’s one of the kennels biggest attention-getters and loves her pets. Her ambitious attitude and high drive personality have made her into our super dog.

Mask is proudly sponsored for 2018-2019 race season by Paula English, in memory of her late husband Ted. Thank you, Paula! 


(Doc x Tundra)

Sailor is a dog of all trades. She is the most “built” of our spotted girls and the only one you’ll ever see in wheel position. Sailor is an easy dog to spot in the team with her short bobbed tail, and her one floppy-one straight ear. She’s a hard working dog on the trail and loves a good butt rub after a job well done!

Sailor is proudly sponsored for 2018-2019 race season by Scott and Holly Kincaid! Thank you! The Kincaids say…

“We were able to be in White Mountain during the 2017 race when you and your team came in. Seeing the fatigue on your face and knowing how well you cared for your dogs before taking care of  yourself was truly inspirational.”


The “one eyed wheel dog”.

Reebook is the main man, stud of the kennel, powerhouse of the team. His athletic build, never ending determination and big heart make him a kennel favorite! You will most likely see him in the wheel position. Reebok is a dog that will put it all on the line and give it till the end.

Reebok is proudly sponsored for 2018-2019 race season by long time kennel supporter Michael M!  Thank you and paws up from Reebok!



(Raptor x Tundra)

At 4 yrs old, 2 Iditarod finishes in lead and called “dangerous” by Wade under the burled arch in Nome, Jett is the total package. A young and shining leader, Jett looks the part and IS the part. This dog always shows up and you’ll always get her A game.

Jett is proudly sponsored for 2018-2019 race season by her annual sponsor Hailey Griffin! Tail wags to you Hailey from your girl!


(McCoy x Sailor)

Darby has no off switch, this dog is off the wall! Energy through the roof, monster appetite and ready for anything. Darby made a statement in the 2017-2018 training season by showing her confidence and athleticism in the lead. Darby is ready to take her team to the top!

Darby is proudly sponsored for 2018-2019 race season by Blynne Froke! Thank you, Blynne! 


(Raptor x Tundra)

AKA: Mr. Class President. Ozzy likes to put the work in, and he’s proof that it pays off! Unbreakable focus and confident single leader. Ozzy is always at the top of his class.

Ozzy is proudly sponsored by Denise Airaghi! This is her first time sponsoring an Iditarod athlete and she is excited to join the team. Go Ozzy! 


(Proof x Pop)

They say boys take longer to mature, and boy was Perry was worth the wait! We saw something in him as a young pup but he needed a little extra time to develop his skills and confident. Perry is a powerhouse and doesn’t seem to care much about anything. Let him run, let him eat, show him love…Perry will do anything for you.

Perry is sponsored another year by his continued supporter Carolsue Luther!  Perry reminds Carolsue of her late four-legged love Tigger. Thank you!  


(Lance x Puma)

A growing beauty! Shea has really stepped up her game in the last year. A solid Iditarod finish as a 2 year old, growing confidence in lead, and the most beautiful build. Shea is a complete package!

Shea is proudly sponsored for 2018-2019 season by John Bristol! Thank you, John! 



Rock has made his statement. Rock may be young, but he’s determined to learn from the best, to be the best! Attitude like his momma Pop, work ethic like his father Reebok. A champion combination.

(Reebok x Pop)

Rock is proudly sponsored for 2018-2019 race season by Gary and Kari DeBruin from Menasha, Wisconsin! Longtime sponsors of Reebok, they are excited to cheer on his prodigy son. 


(Raptor x Tundra)

Heart has got it all! 3x Iditarod finisher, excellent leader! Determination of a champion.

Heart is sponsored another year by the Morrow Family, in thanks to SJK for their continued involvement with Jr Mushers and the dreams that they have!


(Bison x Wanda)

Cookie! Crazy in her own way. Cookie is a dog who solely focuses on her job. Unlike most of the other dogs, Cookie doesn’t like special attention! Let her do her job and she will do it right every time. 3x Iditarod Finisher!

Cookie is proudly sponsored by Mason, Lauren, and Brynn Polga from Marshfield, WI! 


(Lucious x Pop)

Teddy, our guy in white! A 24/7 “teddybear” but a workhorse in harness! This boy will flop over and let you rub his belly ANYTIME!

Teddy is proudly sponsored for 2018-2019 race season by two young fans Finn & Ryan Matthews in Jakarta, Indonesia!  


(McCoy x Sailor)

This sweet girl is really maturing as a distance dog! She was given away as a puppy for a sprint team but we got her back this summer and couldn’t be happier! Her mom is Sailor.

Mary is proudly sponsored for 2018-2019 race season by Mike and Sue Ritty (NY) in honor of their angel dog Toby.


(Reebok x Cadet)

Mags! Our black beauty from the Hunger Games litter. This girl is sleek, smooth and fast and finished in lead for her rookie Iditarod with musher Andrew Nolan. We love our Mags!

Mags is proudly sponsored by Doyle and Peggy Raines, along with her momma Cadet! 


Haymitch,the biggest boy out of our Hunger Games litter! Haymitch is starting to take after his dad Reebok…no complaints here!

Haymitch is proudly sponsored by Doyle and Peggy Raines, along with his momma Cadet! 



(Reebok x Cadet)

Little Rue, runt of the Hunger Games litter. This munchkin weighs 35lbs, but seems to have just as much strength as her brother! Rue really likes to be a leader!

Rue is proudly sponsored by Doyle and Peggy Raines, along with her momma Cadet! 


(Ozzy x Rosie)

Bowie, a Puma and Raptor grandpup. Need we say more? Put Bowie in lead and he’ll never look back. A star in the making!

Bowie is proudly sponsored for 2018-2019 race season by Beth Gorr! Thank you, Beth! 


(Ozzy x Rosie)

Reagan, a small ball of energy! This girl goes and goes and goes! She has so much fun and personality that radiates! With a blooming confidence in lead, watch for this one to make her place on the team!

Reagan is proudly sponsored for 2018-2019 race season by Carol and Don Hand from Atlanta, Georgia! Each year the Hands travel up to Alaska for the Iditarod start to watch “their” dog embark on the 1,000 mile trail to Nome! 


(Ozzy x Rosie)

Sweet Chyna, growing up to look much like her grandma Puma. Chyna needed a little bit of encouragement her first few times in harness, but she caught on like a natural right away. She finished a strong 2018 Iditarod with Andrew Nolan!

Chyna Sled Dog Sponsorship: $400—Interested in sponsoring Chyna for the 2018-2019 race season?


(Lucious x Star)

Cosmo is out of this world! A sweet and fuzzy boy, Cosmo is always sure to make someone feel good. His great work ethic makes him a strong contender for this years main team.

Cosmo is enthusiastically sponsored by Patti & Kirk Bateman of Colorado.  Patti is a long time Iditarod “fan-atic,” having followed the race online since the videos and coverage first became available on the Internet.


(Todd x Olive)

New kid on the block, X-Man is learning his place in the pack. His wild and quirky attitude is always good for a laugh! One thing we have learned about X-Man is that he doesn’t like to stop, ever! This guy is go go go go…put the brakes on, and you’ll be hearing about it from him.

X-MAN is proudly sponsored by Rodney Whaley! Dog musher and proud SJK supporter!


(Todd x Burn)

Dos (AKA “Cutie”) is new to SJK and we are SO excited to have her on the team! She loves to run and has an attitude that would make anyone fall in love with her.

Dos is proudly sponsored for 2018-2019 race season by Lucy Batchelor, a wonderful friend of Stump Jumpin’ Kennel! 


Uno came to SJK with her friend Dos! Uno is all black with one white paw,hence the name Uno! We love Uno and her already beaming personality both on and off the trail. We are happy to have her on the team!

Uno is proudly sponsored for 2018-2019 race season by Cody Lehman, Laura Lehman, Meghan Lepard,  JoAnne Finan, Jim and Lois Finan, Rick and Diane Chuchna, Caroline Kahahawai and  Jeanene Henry.

Thank you all from Uno!!!