The People of Stump Jumpin’ Kennel

Wade Marrs

Wade Marrs, 27, has been dog mushing for as long as he can remember…

With his uncle as his biggest influence, he was able to learn about the sport of dog mushing and start training at an early age. Wade says he knew as early as age 5 that he wanted to race competitively and has been working towards winning the Iditarod with his team ever since. Wade enjoys dog mushing because it is fun and a good challenge, both mentally and physically. When asked about his dogs he puts it simply saying that they are perfect. When asked to elaborate he says that they are friendly, hardworking, well gated, long bodied, long legged and fast with great endurance. Wade loves being out on the trail because it is peaceful and quiet, good alone time with just him and his dogs.

Even though having a young kennel brings its own set of challenges,Wade and his team seem to take each curve in the trail as unwavering as the last. Throughout Stump Jumpin’ Kennel’s racing career, the team has been consistently improving. Stump Jumpin’ Kennel had their best finish yet in the 2016 Iditarod making it to Nome in 4th place! Placing Top 5 has given the team a new sense of determination. Their dream of becoming Iditarod champions is in sight and there is no stopping them!



Sophie DeBruin

Sophie joins SJK from a small town in Wisconsin south of Green Bay. In 2014 her adventurous spirit led her to Alaska as a volunteer to do veterinary work for Iditarod. That is where she met Wade, and as their relationship grew, so has her love for the sport…little did she know how much life would change. Sophie’s role is focused on the veterinary and business aspect of the kennel. Being a Licensed Veterinary Technician she loves applying her knowledge of animal health and rehabilitation to these incredible canine athletes. She sees herself as very fortunate to be Wades co-pilot in this adventure and to help him and his team reach success.



Andrew Nolan (2018 Iditarod Finisher/2017 Jr.  Iditarod Champion)


At 18yrs old Andrew Nolan has had a growing bond with SJK since he was a young boy. Wade frequently recalls the story of how Andrew’s dad was pulling him in a sled when Wade’s team passed from behind and his wheel dog Yukon grabbed Andrew’s hood and carried him a short distance down the trail with them. Almost as if he was saying “You’re joining our team kid!” The rest has been history from there. Andrew and his family are regulars at the kennel, eager to learn and help in any way. It’s been fun watching Andrew progress and grow as a musher, and his loyalty and respect to Wade and his dogs is something that is truly appreciated.