Turner Syndrome Awareness

Turner Syndrome is a medical condition that affects our biggest fan, Ashley Perry, as well as other SJK fans both in Alaska and worldwide. The Iditarod is what brought all of us together! Watch the CBS Sports segment of Wade and Ashley to see how it all began…

Ashley Perry was named the Childrens Miracle Network Champion of 2014. Since then, she’s arranged for celebrity appearances at Providence Children’s Hospital and has even started the Alaska Chapter of the Ashley Perry-Shelter Reading ProgramThe reading program brings children to local shelters and rescues to read to the animals awaiting adoption. Reading gives the shelter animals company, comfort, and safe socialization. Ashley and Wade have visited the Children’s Hospital to talk about the Iditarod and have also arranged TS Mushing Days at Stump Jumpin’ Kennel for local and out of state TS girls to come hang out with the sled dogs!

Ashley fighting spirit is a large inspiration to Wade and helps keep him focused during the tough times on the trail. In 2013, Ashley gave Wade a special angel pin to put on his sled as a symbol of safety and peace as he traveled down the trail. That pin became very special to Wade and has since traveled every Iditarod with SJK on the sled.

We are proud to race for Turner Syndrome Awareness!